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Family first. A true Family Business.

Originally established in 2002, Wally Cleaning Company Solutions is literally one big happy family. Four brothers and three sisters of the same family (and their respective partners) all share ownership of this Australian owned business. Each family member is actively involved in their own area of expertise. Be that management/supervision, operations, training or administration, their commitment is unquestionable as it is unwavering.

Providing the highest level of service is always a matter of effectively and efficiently managing your people and this is one area we pride ourselves on. We are, after all, in the people business. We rely on our people and our people rely on us. We treat our people with the respect, dignity and empathy that they deserve and are entitled to. We always encourage, engage and support our entire team through clear, open lines of communication, ongoing training, mentoring and guidance. Most importantly, we treat all of our people like part of our own family.

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